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Active Rehabilitation Sessions

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Meet our Rehabilitation Assistant
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What Is Active Rehabilitation (rehab)?

Active rehab is an exercise-based treatment plan under the direction of a physiotherapist focused on correcting body mechanics, restoring mobility and improving strength 

What’s the difference between Active and Passive Rehab?

A patient actively participates in their session by doing the exercises on their own, as opposed to passive rehab, where the patient’s joints and tissues are being manipulated by a practitioner (eg. chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist) while the patient remains seated or lying down.


Who is Active Rehab For?

-patients who are recovering from an injury who need an exercise plan to regain mobility and strength

-patients wanting to take an active part to improve their body mechanics, mobility and strength to avoid recurring injury

-patients who can commit to their daily home exercise plan


What makes Active Rehab so important?

-after an injury your body is healing and needs some extra help so you can get back to your daily activities while also preventing further injury. Along with your physiotherapy treatments, you will need to improve your mobility, restore proper body mechanics and get stronger. Even if your injury heals, you will need guidance to be stronger and more mobile as you return to the activities you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is active rehab covered by my extended medical?

-yes, it is billed as active rehab under the direction of a physiotherapist

Is this something I need to have a gym membership for?

-no, the physio team ensures that you have the equipment you need on hand at home or can purchase a few simple tools at the clinic

Do I need to be in shape to do active rehab?

-no, your treatment plan is tailored to meet you where you’re at and progress at your own speed

How many sessions will I need?

-that will depend on the speed of healing of your injury, whether you’re able to commit to your daily exercises and your budget/extended medical 

Can I see the physiotherapist and have active rehab on the same day?

-yes, BUT you will not be able to bill your extended medical for both visits on the same day

Who offers Active Rehab?

-physiotherapy assistant Holly Middleton under the direction of physiotherapist Julie Paul

Do you offer virtual or telehealth active rehab visits?

-yes, as long as you have seen the physiotherapist and they have created the treatment plan and you are in Canada at the time of the visit, we offer online virtual active rehab sessions via telehealth.

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