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Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching

The Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation, is respected worldwide as the gold standard in ICF accredited coaching. Co-Active Professional Coach Training is the largest, most established professional coach training organization in the world and is widely recognized as the most rigorous professional certification program in the industry.

What is Co-Active Coaching


Coaching is often referred to as “The Bridge”. It is the bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be.  Coaching is a potent transformative process that reveals, resolves and guides change. Most precisely said, Coaching takes you from wishing things were different, to being the difference.


As a practice, Coaching holds the conviction that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and that emotions are not pathological.  With warmth, regard, and unwavering belief in your capacity, your Coach will skillfully guide you in a process that is both safe and brave - safe, brave, collaborative, creative, sometimes playful, truth seeing, truth telling, limitation dismantling, possibility generating, healing and empowering. 


Through the co-active process of Coaching you will meet and befriend fears, claim the strength, energy and wisdom they’ve been protecting. Listen to your heart’s desires, and step onto the waiting path of the life you were meant to lead.


Coaching can support you when:

  • you find yourself stuck in a feeling state - you’ve done much work and notice temporary shifts but inevitably you return to this feeling 

  • you recognize that you are being or acting in ways that are not in alignment with your most authentic self and desires, or you are minimizing self, playing small or people pleasing 

  • you have noticed yourself in patterns of relating, or relationships that are not resulting in the connection or impact that you desire

  • you are stuck in a pattern of behaviour or use (substance, habit, comfort seeking) that doesn’t serve you anymore, that you wish to change

  • there is an action you wish to take, or routine you know would nourish and amplify your wellbeing / best self but you just can’t seem to make it happen

  •  you have a goal you wish to achieve but something always seems to get in the way or you can’t take the first step


Simply said Coaching is the bridge to being your fullest, free-est expression of self and living your most soul satiating life. 


Wyll River
Meet Our
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach 
Wyll River





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