Summer 2017 Featured Practitioner

Dr. Lani Nykilchuk N.D.


Tonume's newest feature online is a fun Question and Answer with one of our practitioners/staff.

This month we feature our Naturopath, Dr. Lani Nykilchuk.


Q: You've lived on Commercial Drive for years, what makes 'The Drive' so popular for its residents?


A: Commercial drive has such an energy and life. I think it has to do with the community it fosters. I find it’s impossible to walk along the the Drive and not run into someone I know. There is always so much to see and do as well. Great restaurants and coffee shops, good venues to catch live performances and some great produce shops and grocers.


Q: What is your favourite restaurant on the drive?

A: That is a difficult question! There are so many spots worth mentioning. Kichimoto for sushi is excellent - their presentation is so lovely and they use healthy ingredients. Bandita’s is also a favourite, I love their food, their philosophy and community support. Oh, and Jam Jar! They offer great sharing platters that are both delicious and healthy. Just thinking of the fattoush salad makes my mouth water!


Q: What are your favourite activities?

A: I love to cook - that’s an activity, right? I also love getting outdoors - hiking the north shore and beyond, multiday hikes or paddle trips are also a thing I like to do in the summer. My last trip was to Desolation Sound - 5 days on the water and amazing camping. I also like to craft - knitting socks, making gifts for friends and family. Little projects like these keep me busy and let me get a bit more creative.

Q: What got you interested in becoming a Naturopathic Doctor?

A: My mom was always a fan of natural medicine and I saw a naturopathic doctor for a concern that none of the medical doctors could solve. I remember getting better after seeing the ND. I also experienced some side effects from taking antibiotics as a teen, which led to continual weight loss and fatigue. I saw an ND and they helped me sort out my digestive system and I improved pretty quickly. Seeing the positive effects for both myself and my mom really got me interested in natural medicine. As I completed my degree in Microbiology at Simon Fraser University, I was focused on research but knew I was interested in health care. I looked into going to conventional medical school but knew it wasn’t what I really wanted. The idea of treating disease did not resonate with me. Then I looked to naturopathic medicine and realized it was about prevention and health promotion more than anything. Working on the root cause rather then each symptom separately is definitely the way to approach the body.

Q: What is the best aspect of your job?

A: Having the opportunity to educate people about food and how these can promote health. It’s amazing what a healthy diet that suits someone individual needs can do for overall health and well being.  And just the opposite can be true. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the right foods for a person. I have seen amazing changes occur through dietary and individual support (which is often about helping people understand better how their body feels with foods). Food is definitely medicine!

Q: Tell us a funny story about yourself.

A: I can be a bit clumsy at times, especially in high heels. There have been a few slip and falls that have caused my friends to laugh really hard, then ask me if I’m ok. So, it must have been more funny than concerning :)



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