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Dinyar Mistry - Signature RMT Treatments

"I wanted to thank you for your faith and trust in me as your

Registered Massage Therapist. I am honoured to have a role in empowering

your body with the tools it needs on its journey of wellness, recovery and


Dinyar has been committed to continuing education, research

and quality resources. During the last two years, his continuing education

has involved the following courses: 

1) Trauma-Informed Practice for Massage Therapists - Elisa Peterson 

2) Introduction to Clinical Pilates - Calibrate Pilates 

3) Closed chain biomechanics of the lower limb - Anatomy in Motion 

4) Posterior Thorax and spine cadaver pro-section - Somatic explorations 

5) Lower extremities cadaver pro-section - Somatic explorations 

6) Documentation in Massage therapy - CMTBC 

***A complete list is available at Tonume Integrated Health.

**Registered Massage Therapy is a regulated profession in British

Columbia. Treatment time includes components of History, Assessment,

Treatment, Homecare and a Treatment Plan**

A “trauma-informed practice” fosters an environment where the unique

story of each person’s life experience is met with body-oriented

compassion and awareness in order to safely and respectfully provide appropriate care and service. A “Trauma-Informed Practice” has become a mission for Intention wellness. 

Dinyar considers himself  fortunate to be one of the few practitioners in BC to have an advanced certification in Proprioceptive Deep Tendon reflex ( P-DTR), a program developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jose Palomar. P-DTR is an irreplaceable tool in my practice. 

New for 2023, Dinyar is extremely proud  to introduce "Foundations", A program designed to support unique personal journeys of recovery, healing and wellness. The essence of this can be delivered through trauma-informed treatment sessions, yoga/movement workshops, or simply nature walks.


By understanding the scientific principles behind various ancient practices and ourselves, we can train to embody a resilient nervous system and find our way back home.

Starting January 2023, Dinyar is honoured to introduce and offer these Six Signature Treatments at Tonume Integrated health. 

1) Orthopedic/Active P-DTR RMT Treatment - 50 min -$150.00 (GST included)

This treatment is an Orthopedic + P-DTR treatment consisting of testing musculoskeletal functions through various movements and ranges. Functional neurology (NKT+P-DTR) and orthopedic corrective techniques are applied and then the system is checked multiple times. Coaching and correction of counter patterns is a continuous part of this treatment. All previous history, injuries and scar tissues are considered for their effect on the system. A part of the treatment can be spent on downregulating the autonomic nervous system. Treatment is performed in comfortable active wear. 

2) Trauma-Informed RMT Treatment - 50 min -$150.00 (GST included)

Trauma-Informed - This treatment is designed for a safe embodiment experience. Myofascial holds are applied over the injured areas along with other vital areas such as the sternum, diaphragm, and abdomen. Swedish techniques are used on the hand’s feet and scalp. Essential history is required a trauma-informed approach will be applied for the same. Functional neurology (Nkt-Pdtr) may be used to check and correct compensation patterns in order to assist with the downregulation of the load on the autonomic nervous system. A home care plan is given accordingly. Depending on the recovery we may stimulate the body with deeper techniques or use components of active rehabilitation / orthopedic treatment. The treatment is designed to give you tools that help foster nervous system resilience. This treatment is performed over comfortable clothing. 

3) Maintenance/Relaxation RMT Treatment - 60 min - $160.00 (GST included)

Maintenance/Relaxation - Regular patients may select this treatment, it may also be selected by new patients who might be unsure about which treatment to select. Treatment time can be allocated to cycle between any of three pillars i:e Orthopedic/P-DTR, Trauma-Informed and Relaxation as required by the body and the current state of the autonomic nervous system. This treatment option can also be selected for a regular relaxation massage however please note Registered Massage Therapy is a regulated profession in British Columbia. Treatment time includes components of History, Assessment, Treatment, Homecare and a Treatment Plan.

4) ICBC RMT Treatment - 60 Min - $170.00 (GST included) 


"ICBC funds necessary treatment that is evidence-informed and incorporates goals that focus on optimizing function including a return to work and that has a measurable and objective functional benefit to the customer. Treatment Plans that are not evidence-informed, do not demonstrate functional progress and are not focused on optimizing function may not be approved “- ICBC 

Please note - Every consecutive treatment will cycle through the three foundation pillars, Active-orthopedic, Trauma-informed and calming the nervous system. Treatment time also includes the additional documentation required by ICBC. As a patient, you will also need to be accountable and comply with the assigned home care to assist in achieving your rehabilitation goals.  

5) Ayurveda Spa RMT Treatment - 90 min - $300.00 (GST included) 

The Ayurveda spa treatments - Treatments are performed using oils which are warmed and then placed upon the body, the oils are unique to the doshas of Vata Pitta and Kapha. Warming the oils aids in their absorption into the tissues, the relaxation and the detoxification process. The luxury Ayurveda treatments include a hair/head and abdominal massage. They will also begin with incredible rose-sacred frankincense & myrrh hydrating face mist. 

6) Karma 40 min RMT Treatment - By Donation Only - *Valued at $140.00 

Through the Foundation’s initiative, Intention wellness is proud to introduce:- The Karma RMT Treatment. This treatment is by donation only. If you know of someone who can benefit from my treatments please email Patient pre-screening is required, The karma treatments are designed to empower and the homecare accountability clause applies. (Treatments may be scheduled only on certain days, and times and have a predetermined frequency/duration. Treatment may be scheduled at a different location*). 


Home Care - Orthopedic, Trauma-informed, ICBC and Karma treatments: A home care plan will be designed to integrate the treatment applied and begin applying the recovery patterns. The performance and correction of homecare are integrated into the treatment to make sure the correct tissue is being targeted and movement efficiency is achieved. Soft tissue interventions need active support, neuroplasticity allows for the development of new habits & patterns, but it requires a conscious commitment on your part. Therefore, Home care compliance is essential for the continuity of the treatment plan and the overall therapeutic relationship.

Your treatment environment has been enhanced to further the experience of these Signature Treatments. There is something unique for each of your senses. Plants have been invited to share their oxygen and peaceful tranquility. Between each treatment, the room is saged/sprayed with a unique blend of essential oils. Educational Posters have been selected to raise awareness to your body's systems and function. As part of the trauma research initiative, a digital art installation has been added, which can be customized to allow for awareness of the “felt sense“ and provide for a totally unique personal sensory experience. 

To book your Signature Treatment, click the following link: Dinyar Mistry RMT @ Tonume Integrated Health


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