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Wyll River, C.P.C.C. (she/they)
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Call to arrange a 

complimentary 20 minute

‘meet the life-coach' 

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and see if 

it’s the right fit for you.


We are excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our health and wellness team, Wyll River Professional Certified Co-active Coach. 

Wyll’s experience includes over 20 years as a Counsellor in Social Services where she specialized in alcohol and substance use, mental wellness, psychosis and trauma resiliency. They are trained in and particularly enjoy the modalities of Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness Psychotherapy and working with dreams. Wyll’s own healing odyssey brought them to Buddhism at a young age and 35 years of Dharma practise and meditation inform their being as well as their work. They now practise as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach combining the healing of Counselling with the empowerment of Coaching to powerfully support your growth urge and life long longing to be lived.


Coaching is the “The Bridge” from where you are now to where you want to be.  It is a potent transformative process that fosters deep insight, dismantles limitations and inspires new ways of being and doing, for fuller expression and realization of self. Coaching can help you:

  • Commit to and actualize your wellness or recovery plan so you can finally enjoy the benefits of a routine that nourishes and energizes your health, strength and soul.

  • Honour loss and change, craft new meaning, invigorate vision and discover actions that excite you when your abilities have changed or activities have had to shift due illness, injury or burnout.

  • Resolve and release what holds you back (stuck emotions, repeat patterns, limiting beliefs) to align with your deepest, truest expression of self and create the life that you desire.

Coaching is here to support safe and brave growth, in any arena of your life!  To find out more about Coaching, or to book a complimentary consult with Wyll, visit our website at:


Wyll will be at Tonume on Thursdays from 2-8pm and is looking forward to meeting with you!

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