Rhea Shroff, RTC, BFA, B.Com

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

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Rhea Shroff is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in good standing with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT).

We all feel stuck at some point in our lives and need support. We may experience this feeling of being “stuck” within ourselves, in our relationships and/or careers. Stress can leave you drained, anxious, ruminating and wondering how to move forward. Life-transition(s) can be challenging and overwhelming whether it be moving to a new place, changes in a significant relationship, or the loss of a loved one. You are not alone. Thank you for taking a step to look into therapy. In doing so you are taking an active part in your healing, courageously reaching for what you would like to have in your life. 

We can make a difference in our lives and the world we live in. Our internal world is rich with realizations and gifts just waiting for us to discover. In therapy, we journey together to explore, uncover and unhook from belief systems and behaviour patterns that may be holding you back from discovering your own true potential or as I like to call it your Super Powers or Soul Strength. You begin to discover or re-discover your authentic self. Being your authentic self leads you to a fuller life with deeper connection, purpose, passion and vitality which in turn, enriches your personal and professional relationships and increases your contribution to the world around you. 


I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) with The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT). Born and raised in Mumbai, India, I moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 23. I have always been interested in people’s stories. Curious to know how a person has got to where they are today. Curious to understand what has happened in that person’s life till that very moment. I work with you wherever you are at with an open, compassionate heart, a curious, non-judgmental presence, and an abundance of spirit to be with you in your dark places and help you find spaces to let your light shine through. I will support you in discovering the source of the issue, change your relationship to it and build awareness along with building resiliency. 


My approach is holistic, practicing a combination of transpersonal psychology, person-centered, gestalt and family systems therapy along with somatic and mindful techniques to guide us to the source of your current struggle. The course of therapy may include talk therapy, experiential processes (including inner child work), genograms (mapping your family of origin’s inherited traumas and losses that may be holding you back), the use of breath and mindful techniques to explore sensations and feelings within your body guiding us to the underlining feeling that is at the source of your struggle/situation. Before engaging in any process, I will always ask for your permission before proceeding. 


Our sessions together will be a safe place to bring your full self forward. Together, we will discover what is holding you back, building awareness and resilience every step of the way so that you can feel resourced to find the strength that lies within you to show up fully present, inspired to live or return to living a life of vitality, passion and hope. 


Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Stress, Life transitions, Parenting, Single-parents, Co-parenting, Grief & Loss, Trauma, Self-esteem, Boundaries and Resilience building.


Accepted Insurance Plans: ClaimSecure, Equitable Life of Canada, Green Shield Canada, Manulife, Pacific Blue Cross, SunLife, ComPsych, Alberta Blue Cross. Direct billing at this time is unavailable. We provide receipts for you to claim directly from your insurance provider. Please inquire with your provider to confirm coverage under your plan.


For more information on Rhea visit: www.soulstrengthcounselling.com


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In this space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” 

~ Viktor Frankl