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Direct Billing to Extended Health Plans


In order to help save you money and the hassle of submitting your receipts, we offer direct billing to the following Extended Health Plans.

Tonume Integrated Health is pleased to offer direct billing for many insurance companies. Please advise us of your Extended Health Plan information, when making your booking. However, it is not necessarily within our ability to determine what your particular coverage is, until we submit the claim and receive a response. This can take time.


Please come to your appointment prepared. Here are the appropriate questions to ask your insurance provider:

Do you have a deductible? Has it been paid in full for this year? What percentage is your coverage? What is the maximum per session considered for the type of treatment and duration of treatment you’re having that day? What is your annual coverage?


If you do not know your insurance details, please be prepared to pay for your appointment in full, we will always issue you a receipt that you can use to submit to your insurer on your own.

Each extended health plan coverage is different.  Some require a doctors referral while others prefer that you submit your receipts directly.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 604 428 1399, one of our receptionists will be happy to assist you.


Tonume is also pleased to offer Direct Billing with the RCMP, ICBC and the Department of Veterans Affairs. *with select practitioners


**Please note that we do NOT bill WorkSafeBC

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • Canada Life

  • Canada Life - PSHCP

  • Chamber of Commerce Group


  • ClaimSecure

  • Coughlin

  • Cowan

  • D.A. Townley

  • Desjardins

  • Empire Life

  • Equitable Life

  • Green Shield

  • GMS 50

  • Group Health

  • Group Source

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Johnson Inc

  • Johnston Group

  • Manulife

  • Manion

  • Maximum Benefit 

  • Medavie Blue Cross

  • Medavie RMCO/VAC

  • MSP
  • Pacific Blue Cross

  • People Corporation

  • RWAM

  • Simply Benefits

  • Sun Life

  • SSQ Financial Group

  • The Co-Operators
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