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Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex P-DTR Treatments

P-DTR is a technique provided at Tonume Integrated Health by a several of our therapists to help reduce pain, improve mobility, and help the body communicate more efficiently with the brain to aid in recovery.

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Whatis P-DTR?

P-DTR is the practical application of theoretical neurology. It is an understanding of how sensory nerve endings (“receptors”) play a role in the function and processes of the central nervous system (CNS).


 Computer Analogy:

       - Computers contain hardware (ie. screen, keyboard, speakers) and software (ie. Microsoft Word, Windows XP), and firmware (ie. program relaying 

          information from “on switch” to hard drive to “boot up” the computer for use).


 In the human body:

       - Hardware: bones, ligaments, organs, nerves, blood vessels, physical brain

       - Software: communication within the CNS and interconnection of neurons

       - Firmware: primitive reflexes and autonomic unconscious functions that our body performs


P-DTR can primarily treat software and firmware, but also plays a role in reducing impact from hardware problems. 


For example: In chronic degenerative conditions, and post-operatively when changes have been made surgically to the structure or hardware of the body, P-DTR can help reduce wear and tear on the body from these structural issues. (Taken from

What does treatment look like?

  - Repetitive muscle testing with the application of various stimuli (manually, by the therapist) to the patient’s skin, around joints, ligaments, the face, head,      etc.

 - Stimuli can include (but is not limited to): light touch, pressure, local stretch, joint compression, ligament stress, vibration (tuning forks), and pinprick 



Ask your P-DTR Certified therapist for more questions about how this technique works and how it can benefit your specific concerns!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions you may have.

These Health Care Practitioners Provide P-DTR Treatments


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