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Toyohari-Teishin Therapy

Trauma Informed Immune Support

(Gentle and Delicate Japanese-style Acupuncture)


  • Gentle, non-intrusive, painless (no needle manipulation)

  • Mainly focuses on hormone regulation for natural recovery from injury and                                                                                                          illness (both physical and emotional)

  • Ideal for infants, children and seniors

  • Also ideal for those who are sensitive to and/or afraid of needles

  • Japanese acupuncture is an excellent option for anyone with a weakened                                                                                                                          or compromised endocrine and immune systems, or suffers from any bleeding disorders

What is Japanese Acupuncture?


Based on the foundational theories and principles of the Classical Chinese Medicine Model, which was introduced to Japan in the 5th Century, various styles of Japanese Acupuncture have evolved in the view that the human body is a microcosm and thus the treatment addresses the person as a whole.


Toyohari & Teishin therapy is one of the most recently developed forms with a greater emphasis on a mind-body connection, thereby addressing the health issues and needs of those with various psychological and emotional disorders.


Here at Tonume Integrated Health, the distinct style of Japanese Acupuncture is provided by Kazuo Tateishi, Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist (R.TCMP), BKin, BEd

How is Japanese Acupuncture Different from other forms of Acupuncture?


The hallmark of Toyohari & Teishin therapy is its soft/delicate and gentle nature. Unlike other forms of acupuncture which involve deep insertion and vigorous manipulation - lifting, thrusting and twisting of the needles to stimulate the various musculo-skeletal layers of the body, the Japanese style acupuncture entails gentle stimulation by lightly contacting and stroking on the skin to induce gradual organic changes in the deeper layers of the body - the vital organs.


Another unique feature of Toyohari & Teishin therapy is abdominal diagnosis which requires the therapist’s sensitivity and refined skills of palpation on the lower abdomen to address the patient’s condition by carefully monitoring changes to the patient’s pulse as the treatment process proceeds.


Based on the patient’s constitution and at the discretion of the therapist, shallow and gentle insertion of very thin needles can be added optionally to reinforce the patient’s natural and innate ability to rejuvenate and heal.


Finally, the most unique aspect of Toyohari & Teishin therapy administered by Kazuo Tateishi, is the use of a highly specialized and uniquely designed round-ended silver instrument called Funamizu Teishin.


Crafted by Takahiro Funamizu, a veteran acupuncturist who specializes in mental and emotional health care in Japan where people commit suicide at an alarming rate, the Teishin needle is specially selected to treat people with various health concerns related to neurological, hormonal (endocrine) and organ disorders accompanied by co-morbities such as anxiety and depression.


Currently Kaz is one of the few therapists to use this unique style in Canada.


Why choose Japanese Acupuncture?


With its gentle and less intrusive nature, Toyohari & Teishin therapy is highly suitable for people of all ages (infants to elderly), and particularly those:

                        - who are sensitive to and/or afraid of needles

                        - with skin conditions who are prone to bruising or bleeding

                        - with a weak or frail constitution

                        - with a compromised immune endocrine (hormone regulating) and/or immune system

Commonly Treated Conditions


  • Anxiety, Depression, Complex PTSD

  • Various Psychological and emotional disorders

  • Cancers

  • Sleep issues

  • Digestive disorders

  • Circulatory diseases

  • Reproductive and gynaecological disorders

  • Autoimmune diseases


  • Various conditions related to a compromised immune system

What should I expect on my first visit?


In order for the therapist to palpate over larger areas of the body (abdomen, neck, arms and legs) it is highly

recommended that the patient wear loose fitting clothing.

In addition it is suggested that the patient would not engage in physically and mentally demanding activities following the Toyohari & Teishin session due to the therapeutic effect on the body to induce a complex chain of organic activities for self-repair and healing.

Under the same light of promoting the body's natural and immune ability to restore its harmonized functions, Toyohari & Teishin therapy’s gentle nature can allow the patient to relax and immerse themselves in the ‘zen’ moment of the treatment process.


Toyohari Association of North America


Toyohari Org.



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Kazuo Tateishi
            Meet our              Registered Japanese
Kazuo Tateishi

Japanese Acupuncturist/


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