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Where to Park

There is plenty of parking in and around Tonume Integrated Health.

#1 - We have at the rear of our building (the first two spots). Please register your vehicle at the front desk.

#2 - There are several metered spots on Commercial Drive and East 11th Ave. They are $2.00 per hour.

#3 - There are a few Paid Parking Lots in the area:

                            A - Broadway Station - Off of East 10th Avenue - $1.00 Per Hour

                            B - East of Commercial on 11th there are two parking lots as well.

                                            a - on the North side there are 16 spots at $2.00 Per Hour

                                            b - on the North side there are 5 spots behind ICBC at $2.00 Per Hour


Parking Lot on East 10th


Area shot from above



#3-B a

#3-B b






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