Friends in Health 

The following health care practitioners and clinics that we refer our patients to for continued care. 


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Jade Heart Healing

Dive Into Breathwork

Breathwork is a portal to our most authentic self.  Guided by a Ally Van Tassel, this journey can take us deep into our own innate healing wisdom. Whether you are experiencing body pain, emotional pain, or a yearning for more peace and love in your life, breathwork offers a path home to who you really are and who you were meant to be. 

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Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Health Centre

 - Tall Tree has a great team of physios and health care practitioners led by Sean Overin - PT. If you're unable to make and appointment with our Physiotherapists, we recommend to try Tall Tree. It's a great place for active rehab and clinical care.

visit: Tall Tree Physiotherapy to learn more


Mindful Concussion

 - Jessie of Mindful Concussion, is a friend of Tonume, a concussion survivor, a meditation practitioner & an educator. While no two concussions are alike, most concussion and trauma survivors tend to be easily overwhelmed. Learn ​how she modies mindfulness practices ​to help you stay out of overwhelm and cultivate calm clarity.

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