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Friends in Health 

The following health care practitioners and clinics that we refer our patients to for continued care. 


Mariana Reis Holistic Nurtrition Coach

Mariana Reis is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, in her practice she focus on fertility, prenatal, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support. One thing she loves the most is to support families through their pregnancy journeys, from before they conceive to when it is time to wean the baby. Mariana's follows a vegan approach as she believes that we need to be kind to one another - including all forms of life. She also thinks we show self-love when we eat foods that are not toxic and make us feel better about ourselves and the world we live in. Mariana is available for 1:1 sessions and offers a free discovery calls. Sessions can be booked directly from her website at

Happy Gums Logo.jpg

Happy Gums Dental Hygiene Clinic
Happy Gums Dental Hygiene Clinic is an alternative option for patients to get their teeth professionally cleaned and whitened by an experienced hygienist. Receive gentle, attentive, and more affordable care without having to switch dentists. We are ideal for patients who need meticulous deep cleanings due to gum disease, or if you simply want a gentle and relaxing experience. Contact us for our current promotions. More information on our website:

ARETE Performance _ Rehab-D1 (4).jpg

Arête Performance Rehab

Arête Performance Rehab are a team of expert Kinesiologists providing evidence-based and results-driven services in preventing and managing injury, chronic disease, disability and overall performance. They offer mobile Kinesiology and Active Rehab services across the lower mainland including: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Surrey.            Visit their website at: for more information. 

Jade Heart Healing.jpg

Jade Heart Healing

Dive Into Breathwork

Breathwork is a portal to our most authentic self.  Guided by a Ally Van Tassel, this journey can take us deep into our own innate healing wisdom. Whether you are experiencing body pain, emotional pain, or a yearning for more peace and love in your life, breathwork offers a path home to who you really are and who you were meant to be. 

visit: to learn more

tall tree physio.jpeg

Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Health Centre

 Tall Tree has a great team of physios and health care practitioners led by Sean Overin - PT. If you're unable to make and appointment with our Physiotherapists, we recommend to try Tall Tree. It's a great place for active rehab and clinical care.

visit: Tall Tree Physiotherapy to learn more


Mindful Concussion

 - Jessie of Mindful Concussion, is a friend of Tonume, a concussion survivor, a meditation practitioner & an educator. While no two concussions are alike, most concussion and trauma survivors tend to be easily overwhelmed. Learn ​how she modies mindfulness practices ​to help you stay out of overwhelm and cultivate calm clarity.

visit: to learn more

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