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Dr. Bok H. Chen, DrTCM, MPH, MMed, RAc

Areas of Expertise


Traditional Diagnosis: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the practitioner decides on treatment after visually inspecting, listening, smelling, taking the patient’s pulse, palpating and questioning the patient.


Acupuncture: In TCM, disease is generally considered to be an imbalance in energy flow (or qi) and blood. In order to correct this flow, patients are treated by deploying thin needles inserted into acupuncture points along energy meridians in the body through the skin.


Acupuncture Needles:  Usually stainless steel and disposable, the sterile needles are not much thicker than coarse human hair. Typically, insertion is painless, though sometimes the patient may feel a jolt of energy released through the needle. 


Moxibustion: A burning stick of mugwort (Artemisia argyi) is sometimes used to gently heat an acupuncture point. It is usually used for health problems originating from a cold body constitution.


Tuina or Tui Na Massage:  Also known as acupressure, this technique uses the bare hands to stimulate the acupuncture points without using needles.


Gua Sha Therapy: This technique uses a tool such as a spoon move stagnated energy, blood, and bodily fluids. It promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes.


Cupping Therapy: Glass cups are used to create suction on the skin which improves energy and blood circulation to the area. In turn, that dispels blood stasis, relieves pain, and sometimes may draw out excessive fluids.


Dietary Therapy: The art and the way our daily eating habits play a major role during the process of life and health. Natural food is used in addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment to help regulate the body functions and increase the effectiveness of the treatments.


Chinese Herbal Therapy: A major component of TCM, to bring the body back into balance, the practitioner formulates plant products according to each individual's needs.








 Sunday             8:00 - 1:00

Tuesday            2:30 - 8:45

Friday               8:00 - 2:15

Saturday.        1:00 - 6:00


Dr Bok (Chris) Chen, TCM

Dr. Bok (Christopher) Chen believes that the best practice in health care service provides integrated professional healing methods and individual support to each of his patients. He bases his philosophy on more than a decade of training and experience. He is trained in both Traditional Chinese methods and Western methods of preventive and integrative medicine. He has also worked in global pharmaceutical industries in China and Hong Kong. Before joining Tonume, Christopher has practiced in North Surrey, Richmond, YYoga at Highgate and East Vancouver.


As a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner, Christopher works closely with each of his team members at Tonume to enhance patient satisfaction with the health care services the clinic provides.


To maximize his patients’ physical and psychological recovery, Christopher listens to each one to discern the root of that patient’s disorder before selecting treatment options and healing regimens. In order to accelerate the healing process, self-recovery methods are taught. Knowing that nutrition is a vital component of disease prevention and healing, he helps his patients adjust their individual nutritional and life-style habits step-by-step. By working together with the patient in this manner, the benefits of his clinical treatment will be maximized.


Christopher believes that daily eating habits play a major role in people’s health. In his leisure time, he loves to explore and prepare different types of food. Among his favourite dishes are various Chinese soups he and his young family enjoy.


Common Clinical Conditions  treated include:

  • Women’s Health (irregular menstruation, dysmenorrheal etc)

  • Men’s Health (benign prostate enlargement etc)

  • Chronic Pain Conditions

  • Pain related to Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Skin conditons

  • Digestive Concerns (gastro-esophageal reflux, constipation, IBS etc)

  • Insomnia, Anxiety and Depression

  • TCM Stress Management

  • Sports Medicine

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