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Dr. Karyn Smith, Acupuncturist BSc, DrTCM

Karyn Smith, TCM



Wednesday        2:00 - 7:30

I am a proud indigenous woman and was raised to see emotions and spirit to be integral factors to all our wellbeing. Due to my upbringing, I have always had an interest in healing and healthcare and found that Traditional Chinese Medicine aligned with my holistic viewpoint on health and wellness and I have been in practice since 2007. 


After graduating from TCM college, I have gone on to work both in Integrated health clinics as well as with First Nations peoples in both British Columbia and Yukon. My practice includes primarily acupuncture, cupping therapy, and Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. I am also licensed to prescribe Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas.


I practice an advanced acupuncture method that is gentle yet effective on acute and chronic pain conditions. My focus is on treatment of pain, stress and anxiety, digestive and gynaecological conditions. I also treat patients with any type of trauma and addiction issues.


What I love about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that every patient is treated according to their unique constitution with their diet, work and lifestyle taken into account. A TCM diagnosis is made according to TCM principles and theories and then a treatment plan is created. In this manner TCM can address almost any issues in a person’s health.


I was born in Vancouver, grew up in the Yukon and relocated to Vancouver after graduating university.  My interests are reading, traveling with my family and photography.

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