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Jody Tennant (he/him/his)
Registered Massage Therapist



Tuesday         7:30am - 2pm


Wednesday   7:30am -10pm


Thursday       2pm - 10pm

"Tennant's technique is so good that at one point, his kneading motions flow in sync with the soothing background music." - The Georgia Straight, Jan 2008

The human body never ceases to amaze me.  I chose to follow this path as a Registered Massage Therapist after my wife and I were hit by a drunk driver in 1995. Massage Therapy helped to guide us back to wellness. 

That is what I have considered myself since: A guide. 
I have been privileged to be able to work with individuals who are undergoing health challenges from all walks of life.  

Initially after graduation myself and some colleagues opened up a clinic with an M.D. and a Chiropractor, and we treated mainly individuals who were injured in car accidents. Primarily whiplash injuries. In my time there, I really felt a disconnect with the rest of the body, so I slowly transitioned to a wellness spa. There, I learned to treat the entire person, and not just the injury, and that is what sums up my practice.  

In 2004, I wanted to impart my knowledge and experience gained with new therapists, so I became a teacher at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and absolutely loved it. Some of the classes I taught were Orthopedics, Manual Skills, Clinical Assessment, Sports Treatments, as well as supervised students in some amazing clinical outreaches and at the student clinic.  


I find that my treatments reflect those subjects that I taught. 

I have taken many Myofascial Release Courses (even had the honour of attending the first ever Fascial Congress at Harvard Medical in Boston), Neuromuscular Therapy, Osteopathic techniques with a strong basis for calming and soothing our nervous system.  


When not at Tonume, I can be found on hiking on the north shore, hanging out at Trout Lake, eating some amazing vegan faire in one of our local haunts, or on the Drive with my wife Helen.

My belief is that our nervous system is the key to my treatments, and if you learn how to calm it, bypass it, or fly under its radar, you have an excellent opportunity for change.  I hope to be your guide for change.   

I welcome any an all into our treatment space, and try to create a safe, comfortable and healing environment regardless of your current physical or mental challenges. If I can't help you with your health goals, i will work hard to find someone that can.

I am very proud of this group of tremendous individuals we have assembled here on our team at Tonume Integrated Health.

"Jody Tennant was my first massage therapist and he'll probably be my last because I simply can't imagine going to anyone else." - The Globe and Mail, July 2009 

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