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Stanley Wong, Registered Massage Therapist

Stan Wong, RMT


Thursdays 2:15pm - 8:30pm

Fridays       2:15pm - 8:30pm

Stanley is a self-professed life-long learner and has always been curious about human anatomy and physiology. When he suffered a shoulder injury doing Cross Fit in the past he sought out various forms of treatment and found massage therapy treatments provided relief he needed, and felt it would be a great career choice.


Stanley is a proud born and raised Vancouverite, and is a graduate of  Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.


Valuing health & wellness, before becoming an RMT, Stanley was a Certified Personal Trainer and has several years of experience assisting beginners with weight training programs at various Vancouver Park Board Fitness Centers throughout the city, including up the road at Trout Lake.

Stanley believes that an active lifestyle and a progressive rehab program are  important tools to help him addressing the root causes of any physical challenges a patient may be currently facing.

A treatment from Stanley may see him use a variety of techniques that he feels will best assist you to achieve your treatment goals such as: myofascial release, trigger point treatments, swedish massage, neuromuscular treatments, joint mobilizations and PNF stretching techniques.


Stanley is an avid athlete, and an active participant in many sports including weightlifting, running and swimming. He also likes to experiment with new exercises and self-treatment techniques to assist him with his own ongoing rehabilitation from his various sports injuries.

In his spare time he also enjoys reading & writing. His topics of interest include psychology, philosophy, & theology.

Stanley is fluent in English and Cantonese.


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