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JL Harder (they/them)
Registered Massage Therapist


JL graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Previously, they had a career supporting individuals encountering institutional barriers to health care, housing and harm reduction. This work was full of lessons. Both on the limits of our health care system in providing accessible care to everyone in our communities and the need for all individuals to access non judgmental, conscientious care and support. These are values they bring into their work as an RMT. 


With a background in dance and movement, they are passionate about helping people settle into their bodies. Through their own experience of injury and rehabilitation, they learned both the limits and potential of the human body. How life experience and injury can impact movement and perceptions of movement. How much the body can change in a moment or a series of moments and how we are all impacted by time. Our bodies will never stay the same, so how do we listen and respond to change while encouraging mobility and preventing injury?


This is why they have become passionate about helping their patients settle into their bodies. Their treatments focus on meeting each individual where they are at, centering consent and collaboration. 


JL’s clinical background includes supporting individuals with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, surgical scars, TMJ, repetitive strain injuries and migraines. Their treatment style includes myofascial release, neuromuscular technique, swedish/relaxation, breath work, muscle activation and stretching.




   Mondays      8am - 2:15pm

   Wednesday  2:15pm - 8pm

   Sunday.         10am - 4pm

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