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This month's featured practitioner

- Kaela Large R.M.T.


Tonume's newest feature online is a fun Question and Answer with one of our practitioners/staff.

This month we feature one of our R.M.T.'s Kaela Large.



Q: What type of activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

A: I grew up as a performer, so I always enjoy getting in the studio and on stage whenever the opportunity arises. When I am not at Tonume or in the studio I am out in nature, hiking or on the beach... mostly the beach!                                                                                     










Q: What are your favorite hikes and beaches?

A: My favourite hike is Teapot Hill in Chilliwack. While immersed in the beauty of the forest and

glimmering light shining through the trees, you may be thrown off by the steep inclines! This hike

has some hidden gems; you may spot a collection of teapots left behind within the

forest by loyal hikers and tourists. It is a perfect outing to catch up with friends, while getting a

great workout! I am constantly exploring new beaches that are tucked away from the masses. For

many years my favourite beach was on the north shore of Hawaii’s coast on Oahu, Bonzai

beach (aka Pipeline). This is where the big surfing competitions take place. During early

hurricane season, you can find this beach nearly deserted.  This is perfect if you want to fully embrace the sand and roar of the waves. Most recently, I discovered Waimanalo beach on the east shore of Oahu. Here you will find soft sand that descends into the ocean as you wade in, and crystal clear blue water…just watch out for portuguese man o’wars!


Q: What is your favorite restaurant on The Drive?

A: Jamjar – the best Folk Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine!



Q: What got you interested in becoming an RMT?

A: The human body has always been fascinating to me.  Growing up as a dancer, I was always facing musculoskeletal injuries from overtraining and accidents on stage.  I regularly saw a Registered Massage Therapist, combined with other alternative therapies. This helped my body accomplish shorter recovery times and I always felt like I had a better overall sense of well being during the stressful season.  This inspired me to help and give back to the same community. 


Q: What is the most fascinating results you've had in a treatment?

A: It is so great to see patients who have come in with chronic pain, leave pain free. This is the most rewarding part of our profession.


Q: Is there an embarrassing picture/story that you would like to share with us?

A: I have been hiking Teapot hill my entire life.  However, my first attempt to go with a friend after a few moons had passed lead to a long…long hike.


While hiking for a considerably long amount of time with no teapots or humans in sight, we decided to retrace our steps, again and back again. Something felt off. We found ourselves heading up and down, up and up, until we ended up on a highway on the other side of the mountain, in Columbia Valley!  It turns out we missed the clearly marked turn for ‘Teapot’ while a tour group was passing by.  


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