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Tonume Mindfulness in Nature
2-Hour Escape

Free Info Session

If you are interested in taking this course, but you have some questions, or want some further information;

Jessie will be hosting a One Hour Drop-In information session via our online video platform:

April 9th - 10am

April 10th - 1pm

We live in a beautiful city, but so often we are too busy at work, on our phone, chatting away, listening to music, or lost in thought (worry/regret - repeat) to truly appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. 


Treat yourself to some silent savouring. Some quiet stillness. Learn specific skills that will allow you to sink deeply into the present moment. To take the time to (literally and figuratively) smell the roses, to touch their softness too, to hear the wind in the trees, to let the strength of the mountains fill you up and, and to taste the healing energy of the beauty in the parks of our beautiful city.  


Sunday, April 21, 1pm-3pm, Trout Lake (meet on the beach on the south side of the park)


Cost: $50 

Participants in this Escape receive $50 off the cost of the Stress Resilience course

Instructor: Jessie Rain Anne Smith - About this Instructor

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