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Stress Resilience: Tips & Tricks to manage the inevitable stressors of our busy lives

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Stress Resilience:
Tips & Tricks to manage the inevitable stressors of our busy lives

Life is hard sometimes. It can feel like a lonely struggle, but we’re not alone. Every day we are confronted with stressors (the bus is late, a conflict with a loved one or colleague, technical trouble). In this course we will learn that rather than being reactive, we can respond skilfully to the inevitable stressors of everyday life. 

Come, take this course and learn concrete practices you can turn to in times of trouble, such as:


  • Responding rather than reacting to stress

  • Mindfulness in nature

  • Mindful self-compassion

  • Long, slow, deep breathing

  • Gentle movement

  • Joy and Gratitude practices

  • Slow Tea Sipping and Savouring Chocolate!


What: This 22-hour course is a beautiful opportunity to deeply integrate mindful stress reduction approaches, and cultivate calm and clarity. It includes eight 2-hour classes, as well as a 6-hour Day of Guided Silence where you can put all your new tools to practical use, and taste the sweet goodness of the gathered mind. 

When: Two Options to choose from - either In-Person, or Online

             In-Person                - Tuesdays       April 23 - June 11   - 10am-12pm


             Virtual, via Zoom. - Wednesdays April 24 - June 12   - 1pm - 3pm


Where: Trout Lake Community Center - Board Room

Course Facilitator: Jessie Smith - About this Instructor


* Plus Day of Guided Silence (May 26, 10-4, Trout Lake  (or on zoom June 8)


Cost: Introductory Pricing of $450 

***Early-bird Pricing if booked before April 9th - $400 

***Participants in the 2-hour escape receive $50 off the total course cost

Free Info Session

If you are interested in taking this course, but you have some questions, or want some further information;

Jessie will be hosting a One Hour Drop-In information session via our online video platform:

April 9th - 10am

April 10th - 1pm

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