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Wyll River, C.P.C.C. (she/they)
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


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RELEASE : (verb) to set free from confinement or burden

IGNITE: (verb) to spark, to fire; to render luminous


Tell me who you really are in the fire of your being. What led you here ... a yearning to express freely and fully what is powerfully you, a feeling state, way of relating or pattern calling for change, a goal or dream urging to be realized … whatever brought your name to mine matters. Life’s disappointments and woundings (personal and systemic) can leave us feeling minimized, burdened, hesitant, or on repeat in patterns that no longer serve us. It is a radical act to claim your full aliveness, take deep pleasure in your beingness and create joyfully from your core. I bring genuine care and healing presence to where you are now and guided support for your life longing to be lived. Soul Craft Counselling & Coaching is a safe and courageous place to bring your growth urge.


With warmth, regard, and an unwavering belief in your capacity, I will facilitate a time/space for you to:

  • safely feel what calls to be felt, and wants to be known

  • connect with, heal and nourish essential parts of self

  • meet fear and receive the wisdom and power it's been guarding

  • release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, break patterns, shatter curses

  • take a stand for your potential & your life longing to be lived

  • choose actions that excite you

  • step out of your comfort zone into the realization of Self, Goals and Dreams, supported and championed every step-leap of the way


My lived experience is as a mixed blood, cis woman (she / they), queer, survivor and thriver.  I am a water loving, deep sea sailing, cold ocean plunger, a runner, biophilliac and word nerd.

My experience includes over 20 years as a Counsellor in Social Services where I specialized in alcohol and substance use, mental wellness, psychosis and trauma resiliency. I am trained in and particularly enjoy the modalities of Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness Psychotherapy and working with dreams.  My own healing odyssey brought me to Buddhism at a young age and 35 years of Dharma practise and meditation inform my being as well as my work.

I am grateful to practise as "Soul Craft Counselling & Coaching", where I combine the healing of counselling with the empowerment of coaching, for a unique and potent alchemy of soul nurturing and aspiring.

Wyll River
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Professional Member, International Coaching Federation

BA Psychology
BA Philosophy

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